Website Content Development

Website content consists of all text, graphics, images, videos and other digital assets that appear on a website. Website content development consists of the website design, writing and organizing of digital assets. This vital process is directly responsible for the success of your website.

While other website creators were increasing profits by outsourcing website content, we were investing in the assembly of a very talented and efficient website content development team. This investment has been paying big dividends ever since.

Our success is built upon your success, which is why our content developers conduct all pertinent industry and geographical research, write, design, produce and edit images and video in-house for every new Reel Magic Media client.

website content development
written content development

Written Content

The written content is easily the single most important component in an effective website; not only for its impact on potential customers, but by the many search engine algorithms that rate it as well.

The best written website content is factual, relevant, persuasive and grammatically correct. That is why our copy creation team consists of content marketing and internet advertising experts as well as professional writers; all of whom are United States university graduates. This gives our clients an obvious advantage over website companies who outsource this vital element to countries abroad.

Before the writing begins we carefully study the searching habits of the desired demographic for the relevant products and services. International, national, regional and local vernacular is incorporated into rough drafts and then tested for effectiveness before the written content is finalized.

Image Content

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” goes the saying, and we couldn’t agree more! But it is the written content and precise metadata that edify the algorithm.

We have two fundamental rules where website images and digital assets are concerned. First, the image must be of superior quality; second, the image must be relevant to the written content. We provide graphic design as well as a professional photographer and videographer to produce high quality images for every website.

Video Content

image content development
video content development

Once utilized primarily by large national companies, even small local businesses are now realizing the many benefits of video content on their websites. Aside from the obvious, video content has become an invaluable component to an integrated online campaign.

Reel Magic Media was founded as a video production and editing service to provide video content for smaller companies to exploit this clear advantage. Over the years we felt compelled to widen the scope of our services as we recognized that the written content and overall design of most websites left much to be desired.