Video for Websites

Our video campaigns combine the power of video with the logic of search; which means your video infomercial is seen only by consumers searching for your product or service! No other promotion or marketing campaign can provide such accurate message delivery.

Video Content

We can either create a new video infomercial from scratch, or we can convert your existing TV spot into a search optimized video infomercial that interested consumers can easily find online and view.

Video infomercials that we create are 1080p HD and include a professional voice over with background music.

Videos are optimized to be delivered in the search results of the most relevant search terms within the appropriate geographic parameters.

video content

Video Reviews

Reviews are an invaluable component to a successful online campaign, after all, no one can sell your products or services as well as your existing customers!

But consumers are wary since the national news reported serious credibility issues with text customer reviews found online as well as popular websites that feature company grading systems based upon some legitimate, but also many bogus text reviews.

That’s why we acquire a diverse group of your customers providing a firsthand account video testimonial of their great experience with your company. Video testimonials have quickly become the most trusted type of review online!