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Reel Magic Media combines the power of video with the logic of search with complete search engine optimized campaigns including custom websites, mobile websites and video. Guaranteed results and no long term contracts. Organic SEO services and paid search campaigns including adwords video.

Custom Websites
Reel Magic Media custom websites are made using HTML5 and CSS3 and offer worldwide cross browser support. All website campaigns include mobile websites and video. Buy or lease websites with the latest search engine optimized technology.

Mobile Websites
Reel Magic Media mobile websites are secondary websites that sense mobile devices and display in the native screen size, offer one click hours, directions and click to call buttons. Video content can also play in our mobile websites.

Sales Jobs
Atlanta area online marketing sales jobs.

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Website Content Development

Video For Websites
Reel Magic Media Video-SEO services will add the power of video and the logic of search to your website and mobile website. We can shoot new video content or convert existing TV commercials or video you shoot into search engine optimized video. Increase your online visibility with our complete SEO organic video and paid search marketing campaigns.