Mobile Website Design

You have probably noticed that not all websites view well on mobile devices. The need for constant screen resizing to view content frustrates potential customers and may cause them to back out of your site altogether and try the next listing. This is why we offer custom mobile website design.

What are Mobile Websites?

Mobile websites are secondary websites we build for every campaign strictly for those searching and viewing your website and video content with a mobile device. Reel Magic Media mobile websites are 100% customized to your industry.

mobile websites

How Do Mobile Websites Work?

Reel Magic Media mobile websites automatically sense what mobile device type and screen size is being used to view your content; the mobile website is then displayed in the perfect pixel ratio for that device so that the viewer never has to re-size the screen to read text or see images.

Benefits of Mobile Websites

With one-touch mobile users can:

  • call your business
  • get directions
  • see your business hours
  • fill out secure info request forms

Will a Mobile Website Improve Ranking?

When potential customers are using a mobile device to Google a business that fits their needs, they will now see the most mobile device friendly websites first. So not having a mobile website as part of your online marketing campaign is giving a very strong advantage to your competition!

It is no secret that Google wants to deliver the best user experience possible. Google's "mobilegeddon" update was designed to favor mobile-friendly sites in search results. This update has had a significant impact on those without a mobile device website.

If you have noticed a sudden drop in the number of calls or traffic to your website, you will want to add a mobile website to your campaign as soon as possible.